The SRCD represents and assists the private landowners within the Suisun Marsh on a variety of issues on Federal, State, and local levels. The District provides landowners technical support and assistance in the permitting process for wetland habitat management. The goal is to ensure the wetland and wildlife habitat values of the Suisun Marsh are sustained and enhanced.

For Information on Water Diversion Reporting, see Resources: Landowner Information


Regional General Permit

Wetlands Maintenance Application – The landowners represented by the Suisun Resource Conservation District and the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Water Resources, and the United States Bureau of Reclamation are authorized to work in areas subject to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers within the Suisun Marsh.

2018-2022 Regional General Permit 3

2018-2022 RGP3 404 Application Appendices


Associated Conditions

2018-2022 BCDC Conditions for Regional General Permit

2018-2022 401 Certification Water Resource Control Board

Hazardous Materials Management Plan

RWQCB Soil Importation Protocol


Work Applications

2021 Transmittal Letter for Permit

2021 Fillable USACE Cover Page

2021 Fillable USACE Maintenance Application

2021 Fillable USACE Urgent & Unforeseen Application

2021 Fillable USACE Amendment Page


Dredging Permit


The Suisun Marsh has an annual dredging permit to aid Suisun Marsh landowners to obtain material for exterior levee maintenance. The permitting process will take place between January thru May with implementation of the program starting August 1 thru November 15 for all approved dredging applications in the Marsh. It is a very lengthy process and annual cubic yards allowed is limited by region. Please contact your water manager if you would like more information on the Program.


2021 Fillable Dredging Permit Application

Letter of Permission Dredging

2021 Dredge Letter to Landowners

Dredging 401 Certification


Biological Opinions


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Biological Opinions for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s (USACE) Regional General Permit 3 (RGP3) and Letter of Permission (LOP) for maintenance activities is the Suisun Marsh.


2013 US Fish and Wildlife Service Letter of Biological Opinion

2016 Fish and Wildlife Biological Service Opinion Amendment

2013 National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion


BCDC Requirements

The Suisun Marsh Preservation Act was enacted in 1977, and tasked the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission with maintain regional authority over the Suisun Marsh regarding dredging and infrastructure additions.

BCDC Suisun Marsh Protection Plan

BCDC Suisun Marsh Preservation Act

BCDC Solano County Local Protection Program

BCDC Consistency Determination for RGP #3 Renewal


Permit Restrictions

The Suisun Resource Conservation District’s Regional General Permit (RGP #3) has work activity restrictions that may affect property maintenance.

Rail Restrictions

Exterior levee maintenance restrictions in areas identified as California Ridgway’s Rail habitat between February 1st and August 31st.

Special Conditions, Section 3 Endangered Species: Part A. California Ridgway’s Rail “the permittee shall not conduct maintenance activities on the crown or tidal side of levees on property within 500 feet of delineated areas known to support Clapper [Ridgway’s] Rails during breeding season. Please review the Regional General Permit 3 pdf as well as the restrictions specified in the 1994 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Letter.

Ridgway’s Rail Map


Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon are federal and state listed species with special protections. The most recent information on restrictions is provided here.

       2021 Salmon Letter

Delta Smelt are federal and state listed species with special protections. The most recent information on restrictions is provided here.


Marsh Burning

Suisun Marsh has two burning seasons in the spring and the fall, regulated by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Each landowner that has an interest in burning needs to develop a Smoke Management Plan 30 days before a planned burn and submit the fees required to obtain a burning permit.

Marsh Burn and Smoke Management Plan and Burn Fees

Burn Day Checklist

Suisun Marsh Habitat Management, Preservation, & Restoration Plan

The Suisun Marsh Plan was completed in 2014, but the implementation will be completed over the next 30 years. The plan is intended to balance the benefits of tidal wetland restoration and managed wetland enhancements in order to preserve the unique and important ecosystem of Suisun Marsh in a manner responsive to the concerns of stakeholders and private landowners.

Suisun Marsh Plan-Exec Summary 

Suisun Marsh Plan-Appendices

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 1-4

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 5

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 6

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 7

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 8-13

Suisun Marsh Plan-Chap 14