Suisun Marsh Individual Ownership Adaptive Habitat Management Plans (IMPs)

When the Suisun Marsh plan was certified in 1977, it required an individual management plan for each private duck club. The original plans proscribed simplistic cookbook style management which we hope to change to a more adaptive and complete resource for landowners to reference.

The first iteration of the plans were completed in the early 1980s but have not been updated since then. SRCD and BCDC are required to update the management plans.

The management plans detail infrastructure, such as what kinds of water control structures a club has, how many blinds, as well as hydrology regimes, pond elevations etc. Part of the reason we are updating is to document existing infrastructure so that landowners keep the ability to repair and replace blinds and other structures without having to go through the process of applying for a BCDC Marsh Development Permit. It is also an opportunity to lay out plans for ongoing and future management, such as what might be ideal in perfect conditions, and what might be more pragmatic solutions.