Suisun Resource Conservation District


The Suisun Resource Conservation District office is closed during the COVID-19 Shelter in place mandate. SRCD staff is working remotely until further notice. We are handling water management on a case by case basis. Staff contact information is below:

Steven Chappell – Executive Director

cell: (707) 631-8634


John Takekawa – Operations Manager

cell: (707) 631-1402


Kelli Perez – Office Supervisor


Tim Edmunds – Water Manager

cell: (707) 639-6689


Jeff Taylor – Water Manager

cell: (707) 639-6690


Phelan McKinney Water Manager

cell: (707) 631-0819


Jesirae Collins Special Projects/GIS Specialist

cell: (707) 631-4078


Suisun Resource Conservation District

In 1977, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1717, the Suisun Marsh Preservation Act. This Legislation added provisions to the Public Resource Codes to define the Suisun Resource Conservation District (SRCD) responsibilities over water management practices on privately owned lands within Suisun Marsh. Today, SRCD provides the landowners with technical assistance in permitting, water control, and habitat management to ensure the wetland and wildlife values of the Suisun Marsh are sustained and enhanced.

The Suisun Resource Conservation District covers over 115,000 acres which includes 52,000 acres of managed wetlands, 6,300 acres of unmanaged tidal wetlands, 30,000 acres of bays and sloughs, and 27,000 acres of upland grasslands. Water Manager Zones for different landowners are indicated by three different colors.

Water Manager zone map


Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SRCD Five-Year Long Range Plan January 2018