Hydrologic conditions are provided for Suisun Marsh and adjacent areas affecting the region.

Current Tide Levels

Current tide levels are linked below for the Golden Gate, oldest tide station on the west coast (1854), and for predicted levels at Grizzly Bay. Predictions for Grizzly Island Wildlife Area are here and actual readings at Port Chicago here. Tide range decreases inland, and levels differ depending on the elevation datum used. For example, tide tables report Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) at zero, while Suisun Marsh monitoring stations use the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88) where Mean Tide Level (MTL) is zero. Comparison among different systems may require conversion — more information is available here.

Current Tide at Golden Gate

Current Tide at Grizzly Bay

Salinity Stations

Compliance and monitoring stations shown and listed below provide access to daily and monthly data about tide levels, salinities, and temperatures from the Department of Water Resources website.


Try clicking the blue text on the DWR webpage to see graphs of the different attributes.

Suisun and Delta Conditions

Average Suisun and Delta daily flows and salinities are provided by the Department of Water Resources.

Monthly Salinities

Watershed Precipitation


Water Conditions Data

Last Year of Precipitation