2024 Suisun Marsh Vegetation Guidebook

The 2024 Suisun Marsh Vegetation Guidebook is intended to help identify some of the more commonly encountered or notable plants of Suisun Marsh. Plants are grouped into four ecotones including aquatic, wetland, transitional, and upland listed by common name in the front Table of Contents. An Index in the back organizes plants by family. Nonnative and invasive plants are indicated as are good waterfowl food plants, nesting cover plants, rare species, nonnative invasives, and undesirable pests.

This guidebook update was prepared by the Suisun Resource Conservation District staff (Kristin Brandon, Steve Chappell, Jesirae Collins, Tim Edmunds, Jason Hagani, Marina Guzman, John Takekawa, Jeff Taylor) with funding support from the Suisun Conservation Fund and a grant from the Solano County Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund.

We acknowledge the following people and organizations for their cooperation and contributions for completion of this field guide: Jason Hagani took the majority of the new photographs of plants in the field, Sarah Estrella (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) provided her local vegetation expertise, and Dan Smith (Ducks Unlimited) offered his knowledge and photographs of waterfowl food plants and seeds in Suisun Marsh.

Please Cite As: Suisun Resource Conservation District. 2024. Suisun Marsh Vegetation Guidebook. Suisun Resource Conservation District, Suisun City, California. 75 pages.