Delta Smelt Gate Diversion Restrictions

The Suisun Resource Conservation District will continue gate monitoring for the Spring Run of Delta Smelt starting April 1st through May 31st. SRCD will be checking all intake gates in these designated Delta Smelt areas by boat for the duration of the monitoring period. Intake gate stem measurements collected during the 2013 spring closures will be used to ensure that these gates are compliant with restrictions. This is a reminder for landowners, so that proper water management can be ensured under these restrictions.

Currently, the diversion restriction is not to exceed 20% open










Should an intake be found out of compliance, SRCD is required to report to the appropriate agencies and the landowner will be contacted and asked to reduce their intake immediately. Compliance with these permit conditions is essential to prevent jeopardizing water diversions for all landowners in Suisun Marsh.