Rabbitsfoot Grass or Beard Grass

(Polypogon monspeliensis)
Status: Non-native
Habitat: Wetland
Description: This annual grass produces 8 to 40 inch tall stems that are either erect or reclining on the ground with ascend­ing tips. The leaf blades of this plant are approximately 0.125 to 0.25 inches wide with a compound flower that is up to 6 inches long. The flower cluster is very dense and appears plume-like and tawny yellow when mature. The unique shape and look of this flower cluster gives rise to its name.
Growth Requirements: This grass is one of the most common grasses found throughout California's wetlands. Rabbitsfoot Grass is indicative of seasonally or permanently sat­urated wetlands. This grass has the ability to withstand brackish and sometimes saline conditions in areas of severe disturbance.