Pampas Grass

(Cortaderia selloana)
Status: Non-native, Invasive
Habitat: Wetland, Upland
Description: Pampas Grass is a large perennial tussock­forming grass with abrasive leaf blades that grows in large, impenetrable clumps. The height of the tussock can reach up to 8 feet and the height of the flower head can reach up to 12 feet. The flower heads are large and silky, and range from white to pink. These plants usually begin to flower in their second year of growth, and use wind dispersion for invading new areas. When carried on a strong wind the seeds have been known to travel up to 15.5 miles from the mother plant.
Growth Requirements: This plant is able to rapidly colonize an area and is invasive in drains, firebreaks, and logged and burned sites. Once established, Pampas Grass will to out­compete and smother native plants.