Italian Rye Grass

(Lolium multiflorum)
Status: Non-native
Habitat: Upland
Description: Italian Rye Grass is an important nesting cover used by ground nesting birds species in the Suisun Marsh. Italian Rye Grass can be considered annual or biennial with flat leaf blades and simple erect stems, which stand 36 to 60 inches tall. It's leaves are 1 to 5 inches long and 0.125 to 0.25 wide.
Growth Requirements: Italian Rye Grass requires litĀ­tle management once it has become established in a field. This plant is easily established on disturbed sites and abandoned fields. Occasional burning and mowing are the two most imporĀ­tant treatments used on this upland species. Rye grasses are very common on disturbed sites and abandoned fields at elevations of less than 3200 feet.