December 8, 2018 – December 13, 2018 all-day
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard • Long Beach
California 90802


Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) and the Coastal States Organization (CSO) proudly present the 9th National Summit, which will bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for an integrated discussion to explore issues, solutions, and lessons learned in their work. The Summit will provide timely and much-needed attention to the challenges and opportunities for coastal and estuarine restoration and management. It will bring together a unique blend of people who are involved in policy, science, strategy, business, and on-the-ground restoration and management.

The Summit Program will address all aspects of coastal and estuarine restoration and management, in all ecosystems, at all scales, and in all regions, including the Great Lakes and international locales. These topics are crucial as coastal communities pursue new, more robust strategies to effectively manage, protect, and restore their resources in a changing climate. Ensuring these resources, and the communities that rely on them, are resilient now and into the future will be a particular focus.


The Summit is an international gathering encompassing all disciplines within the coastal and estuarine restoration and management communities. RAE and CSO will work with 200 partnering and supporting organizations to develop and host the Summit and we anticipate more than 1,300 attendees from the restoration and management communities: non-profit and community organizations, Indian Country, Indigenous Peoples, academic and research institutions, businesses with an interest in the coast, and agencies from all levels of government. Restoration and management practitioners, citizens and community leaders, consultants, scientists, educators, planners, engineers, students, volunteers, philanthropists, program managers, field staff, contractors, regulators, and others involved in restoration and management efforts are expected and encouraged to participate.

SUMMIT THEME – Investing In Our Coasts: Environment, Economy, Culture

America’s coasts continue to be a focal point for gauging our nation’s well-being on many fronts. They highlight the challenging juxtaposition between bounty and scarcity, urban and rural, impacted and pristine. Combined, they represent a patchwork of successes, opportunities, and lessons learned. The Summit theme explores the wide variety of roles our coasts play, ranging from economic to environmental to cultural. People – and companies – are drawn to the coast for a range of reasons, most of which have merit in their own right. When these goals align, then management and restoration can proceed in relative harmony. It is when they do not align that challenges become more difficult. Interwoven throughout this theme is the understanding that a changing climate and all that goes with it (including sea-level rise and Great Lakes level fluctuation) play a substantial role. In these times, we cannot have a conversation about the future of our coasts without keeping in mind the importance of what the future may hold. How we choose to manage and invest in our coasts, including the communities and ecosystems within them, will have profound impacts to future generations. The Summit will provide a forum for dynamic, thoughtful, and insightful discussions as to what has occurred, what is happening now, and how that knowledge should frame our decisions moving forward.