Remember to fill out the diversion reporting for the 2017 year.  The due date for regions within the Suisun Marsh is generally July 1st, but this may vary!  to ensure that you file on time, check the reporting deadline on the letter that was mailed by the California Water Board.

To do your diversion reporting go to and then login with your water rights ID and password.

Language taken directly from the California Water Board is as follows:

If you do not file your report on time, you may be liable for a violation in the amount of 500$ for each day in which the violation occurs (Water Code 1846). Previous enforcement actions for failure to comply with the State Water Board’s reporting regulations have resulted in fines up to $10000. To avoid receiving an Administrative Civil Liability Complaint (fine) for failure to file, please complete your 2017 use reports by the appropriate due date.


More information can be found on the California Water Board’s website:  SWRCB Website